(Formerly Titled: UNKNOWN HERO)


When seventeen-year-old Deanna Mason ages out of foster care, she plans to start her life over—alone. With her addict mother’s lingering hold and years of broken trust behind her, she’s too smart to let anyone near her heart again. But just a few months shy of her eighteenth birthday, she stumbles upon an escalating domestic dispute outside a run-down minimart. A wide-eyed little boy caught in the middle cowers against a car. The scene is piercingly familiar: Deanna was once so helpless. Unable to turn a blind eye, she impulsively tackles a gun-wielding man to save the boy.

Hailed as a hero by the local media, Deanna struggles to keep the surreal attention from breaking her carefully constructed walls. Maybe it’s futile, because suddenly she’s falling for her older foster brother, Nathan. And when her mother returns after months of silence, sober and full of bright promises, Deanna decides to give her yet another chance. Somehow happiness appears within reach and a solitary future seems bleak instead of safe. As her story goes viral and she receives a national talk show’s invitation for an interview, however, traumatic pieces of her past inevitably resurface and prove impossible to simply leave behind. Deanna faces a life-changing choice: find the courage she showed in one selfless act and open her heart to the world, despite the real risk of people hurting her all over again—or remain a bystander to her own life.





Fifteen-year-old Jill is an overachieving volleyball player who expects to win…everything. Her future is planned out: she’ll be an Ivy League athlete and later attend medical school. Richard’s a sixteen-year-old aspiring author who has long given up on fitting in. A humiliating secret inspires pages of his depressing poetry: his house holds a mountain of garbage from the basement to the attic. Until the day he can escape his crummy home life and high school once and for all, the only thing keeping him sane is his unlikely friendship with Jill. So what if it’s not necessarily “public.” She is kind to him and he’s drawn to her confidence. Jill appreciates that she can let down her guard with him; it’s exhausting being perfect all the time.

When charismatic senior Darius Birch barrels in like a hurricane and sets his sights on Jill, however, neither she nor Richard could ever predict the wreckage he will leave behind, or how he will change their relationship forever…for better or worse.

The story is told from the viewpoints of both Jill and Richard.



WOMEN’S FICTION (My Nano WIP (I won!))